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Project Description
Team Build Tray is a lightweight build ticker application for Team Foundation System which sits in the system tray. It includes queue, build and completion notifications, and allows for builds to be filtered and queued.

It has been developed in C# and WPF

First run
Add your server name, port number and the name of your TFS project

If the project drop down is empty, check your server details.
NB Currently you can not specify authenticaiton details, you have to use windows authentication.

The installation will hang if the tray is still running. Exit the application before running the uninstaller.

Main Window
Right clicking a build allows it to be queued

Filtering builds
Click the filter icon to change the current view to filtered/unfiltered. Checking or unchecking the check boxes configure which builds are displayed and which build notifications are displayed.

A notification window appears over your system tray to inform you of builds queued and the status of the build.

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